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Children process and understand stressful situations differently at different developmental stages.  Joanna’s Place helps parents and families acquire the skills necessary to help children at each age and stage of development.

Joanna's Place offers support programs for children, 6-18 years, and their parent or guardian. A special consultation service called Talking Points is also provided. All of our programs are offered at no cost to families.

Joanna’s Place provides support to families in three ways:

  1. Circle Support Groups – Eight weeks, held locally, for parents or guardians and their children, 6-18 years , each with its focus on resilience:
    • Circle - G offers support for children and their parents facing the loss of a parent or sibling; starting 10/16 at Lutheran House of Prayer, Hingham.
    • Circle - S offers support for children and their parent facing the challenges of being a ‘typical sibling; that is, having a brother or sister with a significant special need’; starting 10/16 at Collicot School, Milton.
    • Circle - I offers support for children and parents facing a life-challenging or chronic illness; starting 10/16 at Collicot School, Milton.
    To register for a Circle or get more details, please email or call 781-413-5141
  2. Consultations – For Parents/Guardians only Talking Points:—Talking Points is a time-sensitive, single-session consultation for parents and/or guardians of children (of any age) facing a stressful life event. The event may vary; from a life-changing diagnosis, military deployment, marital separation, putting the dog ‘to sleep,’ or discussing a world event, but the need for support is universal. In this single session, Maria Trozzi will provide parents with words and strategies in person at Joanna’s Place’s office in Hingham or by phone. This program is also offered at no cost.