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"Motorcycle run rumbles through South Shore for Joanna’s Place"

7News July 2014

The 7th Annual Joanna Mullin Motorcycle Run rode through the South Shore on Saturday to help raise money for charity.

Up to 1,000 motorcycles rumbled down a 20-mile escorted path, starting on Washington Street in Weymouth.

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"Hundreds of bikers turn up for 7th annual ride for Joanna in Weymouth"

The Patriot Ledger July 2014

Following the murder of her 6-year-old daughter Joanna, Weymouth’s Heather Mullin launched the nonprofit Joanna’s Place to provide support for children and families facing traumatic situations.

The seventh annual motorcycle ride to raise money for Joanna’s Place began at the Weymouth Elks on Washington Street and was expected to attract up to 1,000 bikers riding the 30-mile course Saturday. Registered bikers came from as far as Virginia.

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“Channeling grief to help other families”

By Bella English
The Boston Globe (Boston, MA) 2010

"You think, children don't die," says Heather on a recent day, as she keeps a watchful eye on Jayne, 2. Born 10 months after Joanna's death, Jayne bears a startling resemblance to her sister. "But when something like this happens, you realize it does happen to others."
Those "others" can all use a Maria Trozzi in their lives, thought Mullin. To that end, Heather and Jerry have started Joanna's Place, which isn't a place yet, but they hope it will be within two years. They've got the website, they've got some money they've raised largely through motorcycle benefit runs on the South Shore. The third annual run was two weeks ago, and 450 riders showed up, including lots of police officers; Jerry Mullin's brother, James, is a captain in the Weymouth Police Department.
The mission is to open a counseling center where those affected by some sort of family trauma can seek help. Various support groups for adults and children would be offered, as well as other resources and referrals. The idea is to help families through death, loss, change, and grief.

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"Joanna's Place to ease loss"

By Szaniszlo, Marie
The Boston Herald 2009

[Heather] Mullin credits the family's journey toward healing to Boston Medical Center's Good Grief Program, a model for what she hopes will one day be Joanna's Place.
"There are a lot of counselors out there, but not a lot who specialize in grief," she says. "We knew we wanted to help other families who've suffered a loss, and we realized this was one way we could help."

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"Parents learning to explain loss of daughter"

By Jack Encarnacao
The Patriot Ledger  Quincy, MA 2009

[Heather] Mullin and [Maria] Trozzi are looking to establish a local center - called "Joanna's Place" - for children and parents who are coping with loss.
Trozzi said in such situations, it's crucial for adults to have information about how they should behave.
"What children will do is look to see how their own family members are handling it," Trozzi said. "For very young children, they look to their parents and say, are their parents OK? If their parents are OK, they're OK."
Heather Mullin said she hopes to help people like the parents of Joanna's kindergarten friends, who have been looking for an explanation about why their former classmate is gone.
"That was a huge concern as soon as it hit: how do you tell them?" Mullin said of her children. "How do they express themselves and get through it?"

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